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When it comes to being found online your New Orleans web design is the forefront of you and your customers.  Since this is your time to shine finding the right web designer in New Orleans is important!

New Orleans Web Design That Works!

Have you ever visited a website on a desktop PC and then later while somewhere else you check it out on your phone?  And it doesn’t work?  Psssshhh that’s a major problem.

This is where responsive web design comes in.  Ensuring that your web design functions on the most common devices such as cell phones, tablets, and PCs.  Some New Orleans web designers are using WordPress with outdated themes meaning they no longer offer support. 

So what I don’t need support setting it up the designer will do that right?  Well, the problem is without the support you won’t get important updates that leave your site open to hackers, malware, and security issues.  These malicious people can use your site to advertise anything they feel fit and usually is drug-related such as Canadian Meds etc..  Google will flag your site as a malicious site and your rankings and traffic will tank.

Affordable SEO services
Redesign Services

Already have a website?  No worry!  We offer redesign services.

We even offer cloning your current website.  Why would you want to clone the site?  You love the way your website looks, however, your current site isn’t mobile-friendly, constantly crashing, outdated theme, security issues, and more.  Usually, most business owners get a redesign done every 1-3 years to keep up with technology and ensure their users are seeing a clean and professional website.

Copywriting & Strategy

With New Orleans web design you might need more content?  

Maybe a strategy to help drive more potential customers and leads.  We can develop a strategy to help achieve your goals.  Whether that be more customers, traffic, or leads we can help!  With a new design, you probably are going to want to add pages/posts that focus on important searches.  Don’t worry we offer content and strategy development as well as web design.

Once the design is finished, the next step is actually writing content. You can do this yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. While doing it yourself will save you money, I highly recommend hiring a professional to do it for you. There are lots of companies online that are more than willing to do this for you for very reasonable rates as well as us.

Audience Analytics

Offering installation of Analytics to help track your traffic and audience.  

Google Analytics also supports real-time tracking of applications for mobile devices. The tool uses XML to track the Internet protocol version and wireless service provider used for the application. By using this type of real-time tracking, users can see the performance of their applications and quickly identify which ones are performing well and which ones need improvement. In addition, Google Analytics offers a file format for transmitting data through the Internet (the XML File Format).

However, many applications do not support this particular application-level technology, therefore the tracking data is still transmitted in the application’s WebView. Google Analytics allows users to add tracking pixels to these applications, which further helps users to identify the performance of their applications and provide information.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

New Orleans Web Design Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Whether you are looking to update or create, here at NDO SEO, we have you covered!  With affordable designs and fully functional mobile-friendly websites.

Website Development

While anyone can create a website not all of them are created equal.

Creating an online business website is no easy task but if done correctly it can be a winning business plan. One way to do this is to learn how to perform web design with a simple guide. I know that you can do this, even if you don’t want to create a website from scratch. There are many other methods you can try, but the most straightforward one for beginners is a site builder. It can take some time to understand how it works, but once you know how it works, you will be able to design a basic site.

If you already have your own website, you should choose a good one that will fit your needs. The design process should start with a list of features and what they will be used for. This should include such things as categories and tagging or any other features you may need. It is very important to be clear in this process.

Which is why a basic website won’t do!  You need a sophisticated website that not only looks good but performs well on Google and gets exposure and attracts more customers.

Support Not Just Email!

We offer several ways to contact support.  Not just email!  Including phone, skype, email, and messenger.

E-Commerce SEO
If you sell a product, then reaching a national audience is important!  which our solution is nationwide organic SEO.  Because getting national exposure is the way you win.


What People Are Saying

Nate has been with me for a while and always does what he says he can do. I started with him with Local only and he immediately got me to the top for 2 major keywords. Then he took over my SEO and this was the miracle, for the same 2 keywords which had been ranking anywhere from 5-9 on page one he took one to the top and one to the second position

Alan Horowitz

Just wanted to leave a testimonial for Nate’s Local SEO services: I’ve been working with Nate now for around 6+ months. He has managed to rank numerous clients in the map pack and provide a good white label solution for a lot of my clients.

John Shea

I just wanted to vouch for Nate. I have been purchasing his map services for probably about 3-4 years now. I found him originally on WF and now we talk weekly on Skype. As someone who owns a large agency (30+ people) and has been in the industry for over 10 years, I can tell you Nate is a one-of-a-kind guy.

Gerrid Smith

Hey everyone,
I just finished my first month of service with Nathan and I can tell you this man is great. He’s done everything he promised and then some. He’s given me my end of the month report and I can see the benefits of his services. I will definitely continue to use Nathan and would recommend everyone else to try him out.

Tommy Martin

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