Keyword Surfer Better Than Keywords Everywhere?

We all have tried Keywords Everywhere at one point to make a quick evaluation of keywords and search volume but have you tried Keyword Surfer? 

Since they changed their policy to a paid-only model Oct 1, 2019, a lot of people were discourage even though it is only a few dollars.  Then Surfer SEO stepped up and created Keyword Surfer.

What Is Keyword Surfer?

It’s a chrome extension called Keyword Surfer offered by Surfer SEO (They are saying free for life) that allows you to evaluate keywords by the search volume.  It’s unclear if they will add CPC to the list at this time.  Right now it’s available for the UK and several other countries.

Also, they confirmed they are adding the USA ASAP.  You can find it at the chrome store by searching Keyword Surfer.  So far it’s looking promising (can’t wait for the USA version) we use several other tools to do a full audit of keywords but sometimes you want a quick reference to know what direction to focus your marketing efforts on and this tool does just that!

Added Features & Gizmos

Keyword Surfer & Your Business

Overall Looks Promising

Keywords Everywhere Or Keyword Surfer?

Keyword Surfer

Added Features & Gizmos

It appears they are supporting several countries at no extra cost! They say for a $1 you can get even more data! This is amazing and as I previously stated looks extremely promising!  The guys at surfer SEO have gone above and beyond the call of duty for those who complained about a paid model.  I personally enjoyed Keywords Everywhere but as I stated we use other tools for a much more in-depth analysis of keywords and didn’t see the value in paying for Keywords Everywhere (not that the value isn’t there) just wasn’t on our priority list.

Keywords Everywhere’s Mistake
I personally think it was a mistake for them to not offer other countries at an additional charge (I am sure plenty of agencies would have paid it) but to pull the tool completely left a wide-open door for a competitor to come in and swoop in to either save or ruin your day.
Keyword Surfer & Your Business
For little guys trying to do their own SEO this tool can be extremely beneficial (at least you know you are targeting a keyword that is searched).  Agencies on a very low budget and small profit margin can benefit from using this extension as well.  They put this together in record time and really appears they are trying to put a ding in POP (Page Optimizer Pro) if they continue to innovate they very well could take over that position.  Surfer SEO checks on-page signals similar to POP and as I stated if they continue to pump up they most likely will become the preferred on-page analyzer.
E-Commerce SEO
If you sell a product, then reaching a national audience is important!  which our solution is nationwide organic SEO.  Because getting national exposure is the way you win.

3 Pack Marketing

Get found on Google maps!  This is huge in any service-based business!

Organic SEO

Whether looking to show up in local areas or global, not a problem!

Web Design

Don’t use crappy builders that don’t rank. Hire us instead!


What People Are Saying

Nate has been with me for a while and always does what he says he can do. I started with him with Local only and he immediately got me to the top for 2 major keywords. Then he took over my SEO and this was the miracle, for the same 2 keywords which had been ranking anywhere from 5-9 on page one he took one to the top and one to the second position

Alan Horowitz

Just wanted to leave a testimonial for Nate’s Local SEO services: I’ve been working with Nate now for around 6+ months. He has managed to rank numerous clients in the map pack and provide a good white label solution for a lot of my clients.

John Shea

I just wanted to vouch for Nate. I have been purchasing his map services for probably about 3-4 years now. I found him originally on WF and now we talk weekly on Skype. As someone who owns a large agency (30+ people) and has been in the industry for over 10 years, I can tell you Nate is a one-of-a-kind guy.

Gerrid Smith

Hey everyone,
I just finished my first month of service with Nathan and I can tell you this man is great. He’s done everything he promised and then some. He’s given me my end of the month report and I can see the benefits of his services. I will definitely continue to use Nathan and would recommend everyone else to try him out.

Tommy Martin

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