Is Divi Slow?

A lot of SEO agencies say Divi is slow?  Is that true?  If so why in the world would anyone want to use it?  We have all the answers here and will break down why most so-called SEO agencies say Divi Theme is slow.

Is Divi Slow?

Anyone Who Says Divi Is Slow Well…..

I have seen it and heard it over and over again Divi is slow…  These same so-called Gurus will go and install another theme and 20 plugins to achieve the functions that the theme is lacking.  Wait?  Whaaat!?  But isn’t the reason you used this other theme was so the site was faster?  Then they add all of these plugins which clearly slows down the site.  Yes, Divi has some bloat but with all the extra functions you can keep plugins at a very bare minimum thus an apple to apple comparison paints a completely different picture.

Isn't Divi Full Of Bloat?

Some people call it, bloat while others call the bloat functions.  Now you have a  bunch of people promoting Beaver Builder which isn’t bad nor is Oxygen.  However, when you add 10-20+ plugins to get it to work with your application then you haven’t eliminated any bloat.  In fact, you have a much higher chance of compatibility issues, security risks, and of course a slower load time.

Do You Recommend Divi?

Divi is full of functions and is pretty easy for business owners to use.  This might be why some designers steer away from it, they want all the work and want to be paid for the simplest changes.  I refuse to believe they aren’t capable of making Divi fast although that could be the case as well.  Divi doesn’t have to be slow and it is a very powerful theme that can do almost anything without the need to install a million plugins.  So yes, I personally like Divi.

Why Is Divi Slow?

Just like any other theme, it can be slow due to a lack of experience or expertise in setting it up correctly.  Google expects more and more from load time as well as your visitors.  You have to stop living in the past believing that a website can be set up and it’s going to remain fast and wonderful forever.  As WordPress updates, PHP, your host, and many other things your load time or speed can decrease.  This is why it’s important to ensure you have an expert in your corner because after every second beyond 3 seconds you are going to lose out on potential customers/clients.  BTW Divi isn’t slow or the issue!

I Don’t Think Divi Is Slow, Do You?

My main factor in determining if a theme or website is slow can be answered by one question, “Does it load in under 3 seconds on a mobile device?”.  Since this is easily achieved with Divi I am confused when I see all of these SEO agents running around trying to convince business owners their speed issue is due to Divi.

Why Do They Say Divi Is Slow?

I can only speculate why anyone would claim Divi is slow.  Maybe they want to sell you on a re-design, they lack experience, someone they trust said Divi is slow, maybe they prefer another theme.  But the truth is Divi isn’t the issue and I haven’t had any issues with load time using Divi.

Divi Vs Oxygen

Oxygen is very minimal in function as I stated earlier it’s very basic, barebone, and has limited to no functions.  Divi has many functions & features that Oxygen does not.  However, if you disabled all the functions Divi offers and brought it to the same barebone system Oxygen has then they would have equal bloat and load speed.  Now if you use Oxygen and have to install a bunch of plugins in order for it to function then Divi is going to be faster because it’s going to require 0 or very minimal plugins.

Is Speed Important?

Yes!, obviously people aren’t wanting to sit around waiting for a website to load.  Can another theme be faster?  Of course, but it all depends on the functions you want and need.  The more bells and whistles you use the slower the site will become.  Which is why I prefer Divi in most scenarios because it has the ability to do almost anything with minimal plugins.

Is Divi Slow
Why is Divi Slow?

Is Divi Slow? My Conclusion

The average WordPress site uses 20-30+ plugins and for advanced features, it’s not uncommon to find websites running 50+ plugins.  With Divi’s settings, it has many popular features built-in, thus needing fewer plugins.  Is Divi slow?  No, it’s not.  In fact, comparing apples to apples and set up correctly Divi wins almost every time.  I say almost because HTML will win, but in terms of SEO, HTML doesn’t make much sense as well as other issues.

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