If you are looking for good Houston SEO services, it is good to know that you do not have to do a lot of searching. Do your own research and you will see we are a great Houston SEO firm. So, if you are looking for Houston SEO solutions, you should contact NDO SEO we can deliver quality work for your business.

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Houston SEO Companies & What You Need To Know

When it comes to Houston SEO you need to be in good hands.  Let’s face it the last thing you want to worry about is search engine optimization but unfortunately, most business owners have had to become the jack of all trades.  Which means you probably attempted to create your own website, did some SEO on your own, and have had to learn things you never wanted to learn.
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But after countless hours of doing everything you possibly could you still aren’t where you want to be.  You have tapped out all of your resources and have run out of ideas and strategies to take your business even further.  That’s when you start looking into Houston SEO companies and the reason you became the jack of all trades was because it’s hard to find an SEO company in Houston you can trust.  You are not alone!  in fact, this is exactly how NDO SEO was born.

SEO In Houston With No Contract

Yes, that’s right the first thing we did was eliminate the contract!  Because we noticed the Houston SEO companies that were doing contracts were locking down customers to prevent upset or angry clients and continue to make them pay month after month for a service that not only wasn’t working but was actually hurting their online presence. So the first step to change the SEO industry was removing contracts but we didn’t stop there!  We also noticed customer service was lacking and many other problematic areas:

No Contract
We don’t do SEO contracts!
Customer Support
Customer service via phone, email, Skype, Whatsapp, text message, and more!
SEO Reports
Yes, some people pay for SEO in Houston without reports?  Whaaat!  Not here, we include a beginning report and monthly report.  Some plans include bi-weekly reporting and can be added to any package.

What Does Your SEO Reports Look Like?

That’s a very good question!  The beginning report will show all the keywords, location we are targeting, and the position you are currently at.  Each page of organic results has 10 results (excluding ads) and each maps ranking page has 20 results per page also excluding ads.  At the end of the month or if you are on bi-weekly reports it will show a comparison to the last time the report was run and at the end of 30 days will show monthly comparison.

SEO Is Cheaper With A Contract?
I heard that SEO is cheaper if I sign the contract.  This isn’t true!  If you want to save even more money we offer pre-paid services for long term SEO including 3 months, 6 months, and yearly.
Most SEO Agencies Have No Idea How To Rank GMB
Most SEO companies are very inexperienced when it comes to GMB SEO that is not the case with us!  We started out white labelling our maps SEO to other Houston SEO companies.
I Want Updates!
My old SEO company in Houston didn’t ever keep me up to date, inform me of what was happening, or what to expect.  Don’t worry we keep you in the loop and make contact to inform you of what we are working on and as time goes on we will gain your trust.


What People Are Saying

Nate has been with me for a while and always does what he says he can do. I started with him with Local only and he immediately got me to the top for 2 major keywords. Then he took over my SEO and this was the miracle, for the same 2 keywords which had been ranking anywhere from 5-9 on page one he took one to the top and one to the second position

Alan Horowitz

Just wanted to leave a testimonial for Nate’s Local SEO services: I’ve been working with Nate now for around 6+ months. He has managed to rank numerous clients in the map pack and provide a good white label solution for a lot of my clients.

John Shea

I just wanted to vouch for Nate. I have been purchasing his map services for probably about 3-4 years now. I found him originally on WF and now we talk weekly on Skype. As someone who owns a large agency (30+ people) and has been in the industry for over 10 years, I can tell you Nate is a one-of-a-kind guy.

Gerrid Smith

Hey everyone,
I just finished my first month of service with Nathan and I can tell you this man is great. He’s done everything he promised and then some. He’s given me my end of the month report and I can see the benefits of his services. I will definitely continue to use Nathan and would recommend everyone else to try him out.

Tommy Martin

Google Maps SEO

If you offer a service then Houston Google Maps Marketing is a must!  Showing up in the 3 pack on Google is a Houston SEO tool that no business owner can afford to ignore.

Organic SEO

The advantages of organic SEO vs maps is you can target literally anywhere.  If you are selling a product you can show up nationally, however, if you are a local Houston business then you will want to show up in specific cities for certain terms.

Website Design

Not only do we offer SEO in Houston, but we also offer website design.  You need a good foundation in order to achieve success online our websites are fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO optimized.

A Houston SEO Company You Can Trust

When it comes to Houston SEO (search engine optimization) it’s difficult finding an online marketing company you can trust.  It’s hard to know whether a company is doing any actual work or not.  In an industry full of scammers and people who claim to be SEO experts it can be overwhelming.  Let us be your lighthouse and guide your business out of the fog and increase your exposure, profits, and visibility online!

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