Because, Funeral Home marketing can seem overwhelming when you are a funeral home director, owner, or franchisee.  Due to all of the online marketing jargon and on-page SEO such as Schema, H tags, Meta, and more!  Don’t worry we can take care of everything while keeping it simple for you so you can focus on running your funeral home.

3 Pack Funeral Home Marketing

Get found on Google maps!  This is huge for funeral homes!

Organic SEO

A great funeral home marketing option is for your website to show up in local search.

Web Design For Funeral Homes

Don’t use crappy builders that don’t rank. Hire us for your funeral marketing!

Funeral Home Marketing Is Imporant!

When it comes to marketing one of the most important aspects online is to ensure your website is 100% responsive.  Because over 50% of all website, visitors will be via a mobile device, phone, tablet, or notebook.  Having a responsive website will evolve and adapt your client’s browser such as Chrome, FireFox, or Internet Explorer as well ensuring it functions accordingly.

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Funeral Home & Cremation Marketing Changes

Because funeral home marketing has changed dramatically over the years.  But typically most funeral homes still use:


Newspaper ads can still generate business but it isn’t where most people now days look.  They typically grab their phone and search “Funeral Homes” or “Cremation Service”.


Whether a radio ad, classifieds, or billboard these generally don’t have a very big return on investment when it comes to a service-oriented business such as a funeral home.

Old Marketing Tactics

These items can still be important avenues to target but most funeral homes and crematoriums are lacking in their online funeral home marketing efforts.  It’s different now, times have changed, for example, phone books have become a thing of the past and are almost not worth the paper they are printed on.

Funeral Home Marketing Service
Funeral Home Marketing

Maps Marketing & Funeral Homes

One of the biggest returns on investment when using funeral home marketing is Google Maps because when someone looking for cremation or funeral services they turn to their phones!  The map (3 listings) Google shows includes, reviews, driving directions, photos, hours of operation, and more it’s no wonder it’s a popular marketing platform to consumers and service providers alike.  No wonder paying attention to your online presence is more important than ever before!

Funeral Home Marketing Trends

Adapting to the changes in the funeral home industry doesn’t have to be difficult but most businesses as well as funeral homes tend to overthink things.  Which leads to making everything overly complicated.  One thing that you should expect if you haven’t already seen is that cremations are becoming more popular and if you aren’t advertising it then you have failed to pay attention to “funeral home marketing trends”.   Google My Business AKA Google maps is a tool no funeral home can afford to ignore!  

Lots of funeral homes have failed to adapt and evolve in today’s online market place and as a result, a few big players have bought lots of small funeral homes.  Why would they invest in a failing business?  Because it’s in high demand, but you must be found online!  These bigger companies understand this and are happy to buy a failed funeral home and turn it into an investor’s dream.  But you don’t have to be a statistic and in fact if you are doing well then funeral home marketing will just increase your business and revenue and help prevent financial issues in the future.

 Differentiating yourself from other funeral homes with specific niche funeral home marketing tactics will help you stabilize your business.  Such as meeting or exceeding certain religion specifications.  Go above and beyond and put together an after informational packet with a way for them to review your business.  A strong reputation is a must in this industry, remember your business is one of the most important and the way you handle their arrangements will forever be remembered.


Most Marketing Strategies Consist Of Old Methods

Whether that be hoping their paid ads to Yellowbook or a Billboard and waiting for someone to come along and notice these forms of advertising.  But because of the high use of mobile devices nowadays the best form of funeral home marketing is sitting right in front of us.  With online marketing, you won’t be sitting and waiting for an opportunity to come knocking you will be the one doing the knocking!

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Just like running your funeral home or crematorium, marketing, response time, and being seen is important!  Times have changed and patience is becoming a thing of the past.  Don’t worry!  We will respond to you the same day!  Offering Phone, Skype, and Email communication!

Digital Marketing For Funeral Homes

When it comes to funeral home marketing there are several things to keep in mind.  Using commercials, with all the streaming options, capabilities of digital recordings, and on-demand programming as a result commercial views are down.  Phone books aren’t distributed as frequently as they once were and are much smaller including their audience.  Furthermore, with all the advancements our music choices also have gone to streaming options meaning radio ads are less frequently heard.

Boost Revenue With Funeral Home Marketing

With so many different aspects of funeral home marketing, it can be hard to decide where to implement your marketing budget.  Because it can leave you deciding on maps marketingsearch engine optimization, social media marketing, or Ads also known as pay per click.

Whatever form of online advertising you choose to go with one thing is for certain your website should be perfect!  No online funeral home marketing will work without a solid website.  Because of things like on-page SEO such as Schema, Tags, Sitemaps, and other things that most likely don’t even make any sense to you.  But all of these items are important as well as your offline SEO strategies like links etc..  most funeral homeowners don’t have the time nor the desire to learn search engine optimization for themselves.  That leaves you with the task of finding an SEO provider who you can trust and produce results.

Social Media Marketing & Funeral Homes

Let’s face it Facebook is huge!  You can’t go a day without seeing someone hypnotized by a mobile device in their hands.  As we have explained things have changed and continue to change.  The average person has ordered something from Amazon and most of us have grown accustomed to being able to see photos, videos, and updates to family events happening through FaceBook.

But as far as obtaining new customers through FaceBook very few businesses have great success benefiting from this form of advertising.  Because when it comes to someone searching your funeral home they tend to use search engines whether it be Google who owns a good 90%+ of the market or Bing & Yahoo who consists of around 8-10% of the market.  This means your funeral home marketing budget should focus on Google whether it be organic, maps, or pay per click.

funeral home marketing experts

Influence Your Customers With Online Funeral Home Marketing 

Funeral home marketing is very psychological we have to learn and understand why certain colors, smells, and sounds that help influence people to purchase a service or product.  Also, it’s proven when a consumer sees a face, name, or business more than once it becomes more familiar which creates trust also known as branding.  As we see a business name 2-3+ times it’s proven a consumer is more likely to interact with that business vs a competitor.

Because of these factors if you truly want to dominate funeral home marketing you should perform maps marketing, organic, and pay per click which will give you 3+ spots on the front of Google.  You will gain trust, recognition, better conversion, and ultimately more customers!

Ensure you post photos with attributes also known as alt tags.  You should also make sure you have good header tags also known as H1, H2, H3 etc.. this will ensure that people know what your content is about.  On top of all these things, you should stay on point with your funeral home marketing such as doing press releases, obtaining links, and staying up to date with your online blog and or obituaries.

By doing these things your funeral home will grow its online presence and people will continue to visit your site for all the updated information for their loved ones.

Remember your website is an extension to your business and shouldn’t be neglected as with most businesses now days, online marketing is very important!  Most people open their phones and find what businesses are available, read reviews, and ultimately decide to make a purchase.


Our Funeral Home Marketing Conclusion

If you aren’t staying up to date with your funeral home marketing then you are missing on a huge potential of customers, revenue, and overall business success.  You need to stay even more engaged with your audience in this digital age and to do so usually takes more time than the average funeral home owner has.  With that said you need a marketing team on your side to help ensure you are staying engaged with your potential clients.

We believe in providing honest, upfront, and up-to-date funeral home marketing at unbelievable prices to those who truly deserve it.  If you are trying to reach a broader audience in neighboring cities that’s not a problem!  Maybe you have a specific service that is more valuable such as cremation that also is no issue.  Here at NDO SEO, we provide top-notch service at wholesale prices.  You are not a number and we aren’t a huge search engine optimization team.  This means you are going to be taken care of on a 1 on 1 basis and we will ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner.  Don’t fall for the hype of a huge agency they tend to hire under experienced SEO techs that don’t know what they are doing and overcharge.  Come join the NDO SEO family today!

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