Electrician SEO

Searching for Electrician SEO?  When ranking your electrician business isn’t good enough, you need customer acquisition!  Sick of hearing about clicks? Because let’s face it, you want phone calls, customers, and increased revenue.  At the end of the day, all that matters to your electrical business is revenue.

Electrician SEO

More Clients With Electrician SEO

Finding a great Electrician SEO company can be tough!  For instance, Blackhat marketing companies, rip-offs, getting stuck in a contract, and it can feel like SEO is a scam!  This is why finding an agency that understands electrician SEO  needs and demands can make it more difficult!  Because understanding the electrical industry and search engine optimization is a rare commodity!

Furthermore, most companies hire an SEO company based on reviews, advertisements, and Adwords.  It may seem like a good idea at the time but then you’re stuck in a contract and realize it was a ploy to get your John Hancock and then you don’t see any tangible increases.  Don’ fall for the same old liars, rip-offs, scams, that are only out to take your money and won’t get you a return on your investment.  The majority of these agencies have a guarantee!


Here at NDO SEO, we have never required a contract.  Which has given us the opportunity to gain the trust of electricians and give them the opportunity to help them succeed!  Rather than only focusing on organic SEO or web design we also help companies rank in the 3 pack also known as local SEO.  Since most of the online searches conducted for service area businesses are mobile searches this is a priceless opportunity for you and your business.

Electrician SEO Companies Don’t Understand What Works, But We Do!

Aluminum wiring is subpar to copper!  Understanding that wiring size matters, GFI’s are required near water sources. Why does any of this matter?  What does this have to do with marketing? Rather than shooting blindly in the dark, we understand what it takes in order to get businesses to rank. But more importantly how you can gain more customer acquisition. Because we do deep keyword research and find not just high search volume but keywords that will produce results.  Understanding that someone needing hot tub wiring done, or that new garbage disposal installed by the plumber needs a GFI because it’s near a water source. This gives us an edge on the competition by allowing us to focus blog posts, articles, and content around these phrases. knowing that these particular searches are missed opportunities your competitor’s marketing agencies have overlooked.

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More Electrician SEO Strategies

As an electrician, you want more customers but most importantly more money!  Clearly you want to be found online this doesn’t mean for some term that is searched one time a year, even at a 100% conversion is a waste of time and money.  Most electricians don’t know where to begin.

Running an electrical company can be hard because you already have your plate full. Such as jobs, employees, overhead, bills, and keeping your customers happy.  As a result of these frustrations, we provide easy-to-understand SEO with simple-to-read reports and transparent search engine optimization you won’t just see the results, you will feel them!

1) You should ensure to optimize your header tags such as H1, H2, and H3’s.  

2) Also you should provide value within your content such as tips & tricks.  Common problems associated with certain lights, switches, and or wiring.

3) Include videos within your Electrician SEO pages as videos are worth a thousand words.


Electrician Search Engine Optimization Is Very Time Consuming

My conclusion Electrician SEO is overwhelming, time-consuming, and confusing to business owners. In addition to not knowing who to hire? Or who to trust?  It also seems like most SEO companies guarantee front page results so why isn’t everyone ranking?  Consequently, you ask yourself do you get what you pay for with SEO?

Every Step Requires The Right Approach

Because of the nature of search engine optimization, each step must be evaluated and the right approach should be taken.  SEO strategies can consist of Maps, Organic (website), and many other aspects including Adwords AKA pay per click.  Each one has its own benefits and require customized strategies.

More Reasons Electricians Should Take Advantage Of Our Marketing

Almost all Electrician SEO companies make outrageous claims and guarantees.  Starting off a business transaction based on lies is a formula for failure.  In addition to their promises, guarantees, and shady business practices can leave electricians doubting the benefits of online marketing.  Or questioning is this real or fluff?

We Are Honest & Have Integrity

We Care About Your Revenue Not Just Your Rankings

Reliable Strategies, That Work!

Increase Authority And Trustworthiness

More Exposure Equals More Revenue

More Reasons Electricians Should Take Advantage Of Our Marketing

Almost all Electrician SEO companies make outrageous claims and guarantees.  Starting off a business transaction based on lies is a formula for failure.  In addition to their promises, guarantees, and shady business practices can leave electricians doubting the benefits of online marketing.  Or questioning is this real or fluff?

We Are Honest & Have Integrity

We Care About Your Revenue Not Just Your Rankings

Reliable Strategies, That Work!

Increase Authority And Trustworthiness

More Exposure Equals More Revenue

Electrician Marketing


Our online marketing company provides honest, reliable, and easy to understand SEO.  In addition to no contracts we also only take on one electrician per city! (Don’t worry we won’t compete against ourselves, you wouldn’t try to win a bidding war against yourself would you?).

Beyond Clicks

Most companies only worry about clicks which ultimately isn’t following the fundamentals of marketing. However, we focus on phone calls, booked appointments, and conversion. As a result, we thrive when our clients succeed! Furthermore, we research your specific electrical company and create a formula for success and can help with all of your SEO needs!

Helping Businesses With SEO Since 2009

Our CEO has been helping businesses get exposure online since 2009!  With our company philosophy based on honest, affordable SEO, with no contract.  We have seen ranking tactics come and go since 2009.  You are in good hands!

Helping Electricians Get More Exposure

Furthermore, we believe in helping each and every electrician business not only getting the exposure they deserve but obtaining higher ticket jobs and revenue.

Understanding Electrician Search Engine Optimization

We not only understand the customer but your industry thus giving us an advantage against your competitor’s marketing efforts! Most SEO companies you are a number and they use the same tactics for every industry!  We work harder because supplying information that is relevant to the customer and knowing exactly what a business does not only increases your odds of higher rankings but conversion as well.

Furthermore, it helps to convert a website visitor into a phone call, email, or a scheduled appointment!  You could get 1000 visitors a month and if you only get one phone call then it’s wasting your marketing budget.  Or you could be getting 100 visitors with 20 calls-to-action which is way more valuable!

Electrician Search Engine Optimization

Not Worried About Obtaining More Customers Online?

I guarantee that your competition is!  While it may not seem important right now consequently you may be finding that most electricians are being found online.  Rather than wasting your money on phone book ads, classified ads, and useless junk mail, it’s time to hire an online professional.

Because online marketing can be difficult to understand and not knowing what you are getting, we make it easy!  In addition to your rankings and increased customers, we supply a beginning and end of month report comparing the results which are color-coded with numbers and arrows.

When you aren’t found online it’s frustrating and will take a toll on your business.  An electrician came to us due to their listing dropping a couple of spaces in the search results they were losing sleep, calls, customers, and money due to their recent drop.  That instance was only a couple spaces imagine if your business isn’t being found at all?  Or even page 2 of Google!

Finally marketing for electricians with no contract, we also provide some of the most affordable advertising solutions in the industry!

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Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Electrician SEO Shocking Benefits

As an electrician, you are competing with other electricians. Because you need to stand out, in other words, you need to strategize your marketing. In addition to the obvious benefits of electrician SEO, it also helps build trust and branding.

However, you need to implement the right SEO strategies.

The following are the top reasons why search engine optimization is important.

Build up your online presence including YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, and of course your own website.


Increased Customers, Sales, And Search Engine Rankings And Exposure

Our SEO strategies can help increase your search engine rankings. Furthermore, if you aren’t found that guarantees 100% that you won’t be hired from online sources.

Free Organic Traffic

Once your website is ranking, you will get exposure and more opportunities to sell your services. You don’t have to continually pay for this traffic and the traffic can last for several years. It will help increase revenue and reduce your marketing budget.

Build Trust

When you take advantage of electrician SEO, we will focus on creating the best content because Search Engines love original, unique, and informative content. And the people who read your content will trust you, in other words, customers do business with companies they trust.

Higher Conversion

The traffic from the Search Engines is specifically targeted. Most of the people looking for an electrician will hire you if they trust you and you can solve their problems. By the way, more people trust websites that are at the top of the results vs farther down or pages back because if Google trusts them why shouldn’t they?

These are a few of the reasons electrician SEO can help your electrical business succeed in today’s market place.

Electrician SEO Keywords List

If you want the maximum bang for your buck you either need to perform solid keyword research yourself or hire an Electrician SEO agency that can help you find the best ones.  However, I will list some of the common ones which include:

  1. Electrician
  2. Electricians
  3. Electrician Near Me
  4. (City) Electrician
  5. Electrician (city)
  6. Electrician Services

Electrician Advertising Ideas

We know electrician SEO is important, but another thing you need to think about is how to get repeat business so you can continue to grow.  If you aren’t using magnets or stickers on work being performed you are missing out!  Give X amount off for mentioning the magnet.  Place them on things you work on such as electrical panels, garbage disposals (I know its a plumbing thing but the GFI outlet is a common issue), and other areas such as AC power disconnect.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of Facebook and classifieds.


Electrician SEO Conclusion

If you don’t stay up to date with your electrician SEO then you will be left behind by the competition.  While they continue to go up in the ranks you will slowly decline or start treading water.  As they gain more reputation and reviews it makes it harder for you to compete.  Lots of electricians try to do their own SEO and as it may seem like a logical idea it’s a full time job and if you aren’t out doing jobs you are losing money.  This is why hiring someone to do your electrician SEO even if it isn’t NDO SEO it makes more sense!  Staying relevant and engaged with your audience is an important aspect of your search engine optimization.  By hiring NDO SEO for your Electrician SEO needs you won’t waste time or money.  We will perform everything for you each and every month at a fraction of the cost of the big marketing agencies as well as you will receive one on one attention and detailed reports.


What People Are Saying

Nate has been with me for a while and always does what he says he can do. I started with him with Local only and he immediately got me to the top for 2 major keywords. Then he took over my SEO and this was the miracle, for the same 2 keywords which had been ranking anywhere from 5-9 on page one he took one to the top and one to the second position

Alan Horowitz

Just wanted to leave a testimonial for Nate’s Local SEO services: I’ve been working with Nate now for around 6+ months. He has managed to rank numerous clients in the map pack and provide a good white label solution for a lot of my clients.

John Shea

I just wanted to vouch for Nate. I have been purchasing his map services for probably about 3-4 years now. I found him originally on WF and now we talk weekly on Skype. As someone who owns a large agency (30+ people) and has been in the industry for over 10 years, I can tell you Nate is a one-of-a-kind guy.

Gerrid Smith

Hey everyone,
I just finished my first month of service with Nathan and I can tell you this man is great. He’s done everything he promised and then some. He’s given me my end of the month report and I can see the benefits of his services. I will definitely continue to use Nathan and would recommend everyone else to try him out.

Tommy Martin