Best Law Firm SEO Companies

Let’s face it law firm marketing SEO has a bad reputation finding the best law firm SEO companies can be difficult!  Anytime you need to hire a company that is in a business that the general public doesn’t understand presents an opportunity for scammers.  

However, here at NDO SEO, we believe in providing top-notch SEO services. Examining this article about the best law firm SEO companies will provide proof!  Reports showing that you are gaining traction and we will be transparent about what is being done.  Also, your phone will be ringing!  Your income will increase and there is no denying that.

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Finding The Best Law Firm SEO Company

Some of the things you might be thinking to yourself:

  • Everyone is guaranteeing the top position in the search engines are they all liars or how is this even possible?
  • Does paying more mean more results?
  • Is it worth it?
  • How do I know I am working with one of the best law firm SEO companies?
  • Are they actually doing anything?
  • Will I get a return on my investment?
  • How long will this take?

Don’t worry we have the answers!

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Questions You Should Ask The Best Law Firm SEO Companies

Do You Guarantee Results?

If the answer is yes, then you should be very skeptical because the only person who can make that claim is Google because with the wave of an engineers hand they can absolutely do this!  Anyone else with all the experience in the world can’t undeniably say for 100% Google is going to choose to rank you.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in law firm SEO.  Simply means this is one quick way to filter out the scammers because a guarantee is only as good as the person who is guaranteeing the results and most of the time these so-called guarantees are so filled with loopholes that you legally get scammed.

Does Paying More Mean Better Results?

Much like your law firm, SEO companies have overhead.  If a client only paid you for 3 hours of legal assistance that’s all they are going to get.  Same is true with the best law firm SEO companies.  The solution once again comes down to weeding out the scammers!

Because any amount you pay a scammer is a rip-off. However, hiring a reputable law firm SEO agency will help you boost your revenue.  Also, the bigger the budget the more work can be done and since it takes time to see a yield on your return in the end most clients are left wishing they had invested more months prior because now they are seeing a return but realize they would have seen an even bigger return.

Are They Actually Doing Anything?

I hear this one a lot when being hired by law firms our previous SEO company didn’t do anything.  Then I find out they never gave them reports, no website modifications were made, and ultimately they weren’t transparent and the law firm didn’t receive any new phone calls or potential customers from the work if any work was performed.

This is where transparency comes in, some companies are going to say we can’t reveal our secrets… privacy… and anything else to avoid disclosing proof they did anything.  The best law firm SEO companies don’t make excuses we supply transparent reporting showing before/after results.  Our strategy and changes we have made and ultimately the increase in your phone ringing!

Best Law Firm SEO
law firm SEO

Will I Get A Return On My Investment?

Much like the law, you can be the best lawyer in the world and you can’t ultimately predict the outcome every time.  The judge/jury decides and in SEO Google is the judge & jury.  The most experienced and best law firm SEO companies know this and although we can’t guarantee results we know that when you see that needle moving and you start to gain traction you will see the value in our reputable agency. 

Patience and budget are required, two of the main reasons people don’t see a return on their investment when it comes to SEO is they either run out of budget or get discouraged.  What if that was one of your legal clients you represented?  Imagine them representing themselves?  It takes patience and trust in order to achieve success.

How Long Will It Take To Rank?

Just like when it comes to a legal battle the client wants it to end as soon as possible I mean it literally says we are entitled to a fair and speedy trial.  But is it worth facing higher penalties or getting less of a settlement over not being patient?  SEO is no different some companies are doing black-hat which is going to get you ranking very quick and just as quick as it came *Poof* it’s gone.

Now you go to Google and start searching for the best law firm SEO companies.  You find one you think you can trust and they are quoting outrageous numbers, you already got ripped off once and are left confused why so much?  Well, we have to fix everything the previous SEO company/companies did and on top of that design a real strategy that is going to get that needle moving.

Is Law Firm SEO Worth It?

Google is a money generating machine working day & night.  If it wasn’t worth it would law firms be spending around $180-300 per click with Google Adwords?  I can guarantee if you ask anyone ranking if it’s worth it, you are going to get an earful of why they wouldn’t hesitate to take that leap.

The best law firm SEO companies know their value and typically don’t even try to convince business owners otherwise because those who don’t see the value of online marketing it’s wasted time and energy.  Because time is money and we know they aren’t going to have the patience it takes to reach their goals.  If you have the budget and patience to stick through it you will see a hefty return on your investment and 9 out of 10 times you are going to invest more!

Why Hire The Best Law Firm SEO Agency?

Honest, Expert, And Experienced SEO Agents

The best law firm SEO companies all have things in common.  Really great employees who are dedicated to their job and passionate about helping law firms achieve their financial goals.  

Modern SEO Strategies

SEO is not automated and never should be, this would be referred to as black-hat.  It doesn’t mean we don’t use tools because all SEO agencies should be using some tools whether to track rankings or gather data.  Using the best technological tools is a must!  But a tool is only as good as the person using it.

Satisfied Customers

Referrals, case studies, reports, and testimonials can also help weed out the scammers and help you find the best law firm SEO companies.  A testimonial can go a long way and give you an insight into how the SEO company works, response time, and how they handled strategy.  Furthermore, you know you are getting an unbiased opinion based on first-hand experience.

The best law firm SEO companies

Our Philosophy On “The Best Law Firm SEO Companies”

The Client Comes First

We might have the best strategy in the world but if it doesn’t sit well with the client then we have to go back to the drawing board.  Communication is the key to success, straight forward answers, and honesty! 

Honest Communication

If we don’t have the answer we will be transparent and let you know it’s going to take some research to see exactly what is going on and we will get back to you.  Honesty is worth way more than a lie or guess.  

Committed to Excellence

We have a ton of test websites that we invest time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into with no financial gain but an investment in knowledge has the best return.  This is all part of our commitment to excellence we never employ a strategy we haven’t proven works!  Theories are great but it is just a theory until it’s been proven that it works.


What People Are Saying

Nate has been with me for a while and always does what he says he can do. I started with him with Local only and he immediately got me to the top for 2 major keywords. Then he took over my SEO and this was the miracle, for the same 2 keywords which had been ranking anywhere from 5-9 on page one he took one to the top and one to the second position

Alan Horowitz

Just wanted to leave a testimonial for Nate’s Local SEO services: I’ve been working with Nate now for around 6+ months. He has managed to rank numerous clients in the map pack and provide a good white label solution for a lot of my clients.

John Shea

I just wanted to vouch for Nate. I have been purchasing his map services for probably about 3-4 years now. I found him originally on WF and now we talk weekly on Skype. As someone who owns a large agency (30+ people) and has been in the industry for over 10 years, I can tell you Nate is a one-of-a-kind guy.

Gerrid Smith

Hey everyone,
I just finished my first month of service with Nathan and I can tell you this man is great. He’s done everything he promised and then some. He’s given me my end of the month report and I can see the benefits of his services. I will definitely continue to use Nathan and would recommend everyone else to try him out.

Tommy Martin

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