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When I started this company in 2012 I created an online marketing company that was different, unique, and fun.  I am passionate about helping people, businesses, and helping people understand SEO when I started this venture I found most companies made you sign a contract which search engine optimization can be very timely and to put the work into a client and for them to stop after one month of service is a lose/lose scenario but I also understand if you provide a high-quality service and explain the process and what they can expect then that scenario is very minimal.





I didn’t stop with eliminating contracts, to me that wasn’t enough!  I wanted to put an end to all the ridiculous nonsense that scamming online marketing companies use to take advantage of people.

That’s why we do things differently and have from the beginning!

That’s why at NDO SEO we offer the following:

  1. No contacts!
  2. We don’t own any of the work or assets we create for your company when we are done with a campaign we don’t alter or destroy any of the work performed.
  3. We don’t hold domains ransom!  When we create you a website you own all of it including the URL, unlike some companies that charge you $2000-5000 for just the domain name.
  4. We won’t compete against ourselves!  If we already have a client in that industry and area we will not work with more than one!
  5. We don’t use ridiculous guarantees some companies offer 100% money back guarantee’s but the fine print or stipulations is ridiculous I have seen it all from (if you see no improvements) so one space up from page 10 is improvement or they choose the easiest search terms that get you no results but they lived up to their money back guarantee.  Google warns about companies offering page 1 guarantee’s unless you’re using Adwords no company can get page 1 results 100% of the time.
  6. We don’t offer guarantees!  That’s right and I am proud of that!  We are honest and I don’t want a business based off of lies or misconceptions if that’s what they are doing before you hire them what are they going to do once they have you as a client?
  7. We use your phone number not tracking numbers we own, this typically is also a way that marketing companies will hold the work performed hostage because if they own the numbers you don’t technically own the work performed I have seen companies go as far as rent, lease or sell the phone numbers to competitors.  We can use tracking numbers we just believe in you owning them.

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