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What is Local SEO?

The best internet marketing as far as return on investment.

Before internet we had phone books several different ones, Now that time has come and passed now most everyone searches online and there are hundreds of directories such as Google, Yelp, Merchant Circle and Mojo Pages and the list goes on SEO or otherwise known as “Search Engine Optimization” usually focuses on websites but people who are searching for business’s rarely click on a website, Instead they are looking for your phone number and/or address so that’s why we get your business ranking in the local section of Google and other top online directories although our primary focus will be Google My Business because it gets the most traffic.
“We stay up to date with the latest updates and technologies to help your business grow and be successful.”
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Timely Support

I respond quickly and effectively respond to any and or all your marketing needs!

Innovative Ideas

Google is ever changing and with these changes requires an innovator, Who can quickly identify problems and come up with solutions this is where we excel!

Advanced Technology

We use the latest and greatest technology, not to rank your business because automation is bad in Google’s eyes but we use the latest technology to spy on the competition and use our innovative ways to excel past them!

Clear Communication

We provide clear communication, Email, SKYPE and phone support!

We won’t confuse you with bogus reports showing you thousands of unique visitors to your website, when in all reality these visitors came from other states and countries which is great if youre selling a product, but a service could be a bit difficult to get someone to come from Africa to get a tooth pulled or their car fixed.

That’s why we focus on local, for customer’s in your city or area.

Our reports will show increase in rankings, decrease in rankings, or no progress. They also are clickable (Pack results) which will open your browser and show your rankings in real-time.

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