About Us

This Orem SEO venture all began over 6 years ago I used to be a plumber and I worked hard, long hours, on call and I really enjoyed helping other people I did work and had contracts with some big companies I ended up suffering from a back injury and took on an office position temporarily and ended up working my way up into marketing what I noticed is all these companies promised the world but never really brought anything to the table once the contract was signed they practically did nothing I met with small SEO companies to the big name companies  from SEO agencies in Salt Lake City To Orem and it was always the same spill.

We met a company that did deliver some results but after I had evaluated all these companies and countless hours of networking and reading I started testing out my own method on brand new locations that the firm had not been retained to rank and what I discovered was that I was getting better results than them, I told them this during a meeting and their response was “You think you can do better than us prove it!” and that’s exactly what I did! Less than 30 days later they were hiring me as a white label service for at least 4 of their clients.

A few months had passed and I was handed what they described in their own words “The keys to the kingdom” I was now handling all of their clients Google My Business SEO at that time it was called “Google Places” with landing a few of my own accounts and their clientele I quit my plumbing job with my injury going back to that line of work wasn’t an option but I wasn’t going to let my misfortune ruin me financially the rest of my life.

I continued to build my empire and the SEO company continued to send me their map SEO work, I started building my marketing company on the values I looked for when searching for a search engine marketing firm so I built my empire on some core principles one of which is no contracts, I won’t compete against myself, being honest even if it means I don’t get the job.

I believe in the month to month service because when I provide value and a good return to the client they would want to continue with my services if I didn’t provide value I don’t want someone unhappy forced to continue to pay me, with this business model comes great risks which I learned later on down the road.

Most of my income was coming from my white label service to this other marketing company and the day it was time to continue I didn’t hear from them which wasn’t the first time they did this typically it would be a few days so a couple days went by and I got an email from the CEO who had explained they were having some financial issues I don’t really know exactly what happened I was very confused because all of their rankings were in the pack results if not #1 I speculated that they had reached their goals and wanted to keep all the profits for themselves, all my bills were due and I now was faced with a certain feeling of gut ache of failure, I had no safety net, I couldn’t go back to plumbing and had twenty dollars to my name I wasn’t about to admit defeat I asked for help from a local church and worked day and night now on my own marketing I found some ad space for twenty dollars spent the last penny to my name and within 48 hours I had made over $2000 dollars I informed the church that I didn’t need their help this must not happen very often if at all because the look on their faces was confused and baffled.

I now knew if I was going to make it with a no contract concept I was going to have to build my empire around like minded people and SEO companies that could rotate clients so if they were in #1 they could rotate a new client in the fold that wasn’t.
I am passionate about SEO and helping companies grow I have helped build many companies across the USA I feel very blessed to help others succeed.