Do you always get what you pay for with SEO?

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Do you always get what you pay for with SEO?

We all have heard the old saying you get what you pay for but does that hold true with SEO?

I don’t think price should be your only determining factor, me and several other SEO companies I am friends with all have started out offering below average price on services to prove value and obtain clientele but if that’s what the company is doing there should be a good list of testimonials and proof of providing the service.


My grandpa would tell me a story about a blacksmith I will do my best to tell it the way it was told to me, I am sure there are several versions of the story.

So the man asks the blacksmith how much he would charge to shoe his horse and the blacksmith replied “$10” which at the time the average was $3 to shoe a horse at that time.

So he tells the blacksmith there is no way I am paying you $10 to shoe my horse when all the other blacksmiths are charging around $3, so the blacksmith says I will make a deal with you I will charge you a penny for the first nail, 2 pennies for the second and 4 pennies for the 3rd and 8 pennies for the fourth and so on… equalling 32 total nails to shoe the entire horse.

The guy agreed and ended up losing his entire farm and working the rest of his days for free because by the time he was done his bill to the blacksmith was $42,949,672.95.

The lesson here isn’t SEO, Blacksmiths, or what type of business you are hiring the fact is sometimes what seems to be the better deal truly isn’t for instance if you hired an SEO company to rank your website, GMB listing it’s typically cheaper than paying for Adwords for a year and the work performed isn’t just going to drop off the map it’s going to hold decent rankings for a long period of time also typically Adwords attracts a different prospect than organic and GMB listings so the moral is just because it sounds like a great deal doesn’t mean it always is.



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