Whats the new big star in Google reviews?

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Whats the new big star in Google reviews?

What’s the big star in Google next to the business name?

Has anyone else seen this?

You can find it by setting your search location if you don’t know how to set location check go visit I search from or Bright Local has a nice little free tool as well Bright Local’s Free Search Result Tool

Mike Blumenthal also had a post in 2015 about search settings you should check out Mike Blumenthal’s post on search settings.

Set your location to Chicago, IL and do a search for nursing home abuse Chicago clearly it’s a special character added to the name ⭐.

Clearly, businesses have been going crazy with descriptors and adding ridiculous amounts of keywords to their business name and so far from what I have seen Google edit’s it and sends them on their way in some rare instances I have seen listings suspended. I don’t recommend adding keywords to your name unless it reflects your offline name and/or business license!

You don’t want to take any chances of Google deleting your listing and going through a huge mess to get it cleaned up or worse have to hire someone to fix it for you it’s better to be safe than sorry! Yes in the short term some of these people are ranking better but long-term results will out way the short term success!

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