The true meaning of SEO

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The true meaning of SEO

The true meaning of SEO 

With all the companies running around selling hopes and dreams and then only crushing them it’s no wonder the SEO industry has such a bad reputation.  Some false beliefs search engines hate SEO companies, actually Google encourages SEO and has several guides to help business owners improve their online presence.

It can definitely leave anyone feeling like some companies believing SEO means Super Easy Opportunity!

It makes it harder for reputable companies and I totally understand why!  Why wouldn’t someone who was legally robbed of thousands of dollars and stuck in a contract for a service that was nothing more than a high-grade sales pitch that promised the world and delivered nothing, and in case any of you are wondering no I am not speaking about politics!

Which SEO firm should I hire?

Some things that might be rattling through your head is how can there be so many companies guaranteeing front page results, they all can’t really achieve front page results that would be impossible.

My father was a mechanic and he helped me learn the basics of cars when I say basics what I mean is I have changed several engines, transmissions, starters, alternators, and pretty much most things related to cars, what does this have to do with hiring the right SEO company?

A few times I felt the convenience of someone else fixing my car and the fact that my time was more valuable elsewhere but then I discovered the job was done incorrectly and ultimately cost me more time, frustration, and money.

So just as when hiring a mechanic you should ask certain questions, some of which should be:

  • Timeframe (SEO companies is a bit different but should be able to provide a ballpark)
  • Referrals and examples of work (don’t buy the whole our customer’s privacy is important to us speech because I have permission from many clients to share their examples and most are more than willing to help other business owners from hiring a shark)
  •  Do you outsource or does your team work in house? (not all outsourcing is bad but it’s good information to know so when you have questions are you going to have to wait for a response?)
  • Ask the person your talking with if they will be working on your campaign or if they are just a sales person
  • Check their rankings online, Google their company name look for scam alert companies, complaints etc.

These are some basics that should help filter out most of the sharks!

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