SEO Contracts and what you should know.

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SEO Contracts and what you should know.

SEO contracts:

Search engine marketing takes a lot of time, patience, and skill involved to achieve success so most companies aren’t willing to do so for free considering if you hire them for one month then cancel they might break even however it also leaves a playing field for sharks and scam artists to lock you in with a contract and legally take your money every month with no results at all!

Typically SEO can take 3-6 months to achieve ranking results that will yield you more customers and every month we are generally seeing last months work so the first month’s work is equivalent to two months of work this is why most companies refuse to work without a contract.

So why do I offer services without a contract?  

Simple if I do what I am supposed to and you are happy then you will continue to hire us to do your SEO, if you are not happy then you are not stuck, the last thing I would want is an unhappy customer feeling they are stuck hiring someone they don’t want doing the work.

I also know that if you have ever been stuck in a contract you will most likely give me a chance to prove the value of my services to you and thus I have the opportunity to keep you as a client for life!

I do offer contracted services to client’s who have worked with me a very long time and wish to receive a discount on services but I never pressure anyone into a contract and typically don’t even mention it.

When I started offering no contract there was practically nobody else in the industry doing so and now there is plenty offering the same thing but typically use tracking numbers, own the website, and many other ways they can hold things hostage which in ways is worse than a contract because you just paid for them to rank something you don’t own and they will simply go and sell it to a competitor or rent it.

My advice before hiring any SEO company I would ask for referrals, portfolio, examples, and Google their business name to see if lots of people are complaining about their services.



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